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Drive Size:3/8"
Torque Range:2 in. lbs. - 80 in. lbs.
Mode Of Operation:Lockup collar
Hammer Ends:Optional
Handle Length:4 1/8"
Height:6 1/2"
Weight:15 oz.



These durable ratchet style torque tools are preset at the factory to a specified torque value. Upon reaching the specified torque value, the tools automatically release and reset. This action prevents tightening above the preset value despite continued turning.


Ratchet = Preset Torque Level Set Right & Ratchets When Turned Left.
Direct = Preset Torque Level Set In Both Right & Left Directions.
Lockup = Preset Torque Level Set Right & Locks When Turned Left.
Backoff = Preset Torque Level Set Right & Torques At 1 1/2 Times Preset Level When Turned Left.
Lockup collar = Preset Torque Level Set Right & Locking Collar Can Be Used When Turned Left.

Ratcheting T-Handle with 3/8 Drive Plus Universal Clamp Tool

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